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Security stripe on G+D Green LongLife banknote wins "Excellence in Holography Award"

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is setting new standards in environmental protection and the intelligent use of resources with its Green LongLife substrate, enabling central banks to create a more sustainable cash cycle without compromising on security. The foil-based security element on the Green LongLife sample banknote has now received the "Excellence in Holography Award" from the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

In order to make the production and life cycle of banknotes more sustainable, G+D and its subsidiary Louisenthal launched the Green Banknote Initiative in 2022. While the sustainability platform has already achieved an important milestone in the field of green product solutions for banknotes with the introduction of the IACA-awarded Green Banknote, G+D is now reducing the proportion of plastic and mineral-oil-based inks in banknotes markedly with the Green Longlife sample banknote. The increased use of renewable raw materials and alternative fibers such as certified organic cotton reduces carbon emissions. On top of this, the banknote has a double lifespan compared to a standard banknote.

Consistent, award-winning security
There are no compromises when it comes to security and counterfeit protection: All levels of security features – L1, L2 and L3 – can be embedded in the Green LongLife substrate. The security stripe is called RollingStar LEAD Mix, and integrates perfectly into the banknote design. The micro-mirror effects create dynamics and color changes that enhance the banknote motifs and bring them to life. For this technology, the Green LongLife sample banknote has now received the IHMA’s "Excellence in Holography Award" in the "Best Applied Security Product" category. The association presents the award annually to outstanding products or technologies introduced during the previous year that represent the best in the industry in terms of innovation and commercial potential.

Repurposing rather than recycling discarded banknotes
A more sustainable cash cycle cannot be achieved by producing green banknotes alone. That is why G+D is constantly developing new approaches to dealing with banknotes that are no longer fit for circulation. The repurposing strategy goes far beyond established recycling and takes into account the fact that there are numerous opportunities for a sustainable secondary use, especially for banknotes made from cotton substrates. With its repurposing approach, G+D promotes a range of technologies and alternatives – from composting to the recently introduced "Banknote Fiber Extraction" technology. With this technology, banknotes can be broken down into fibers during the destruction process instead of being shredded. The fibers can be briquetted and then reused in a variety of products including paper-based and cardboard packaging.

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