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Security expert on Apple suing NSO Group

November 2021 by NSO Group

Following the news that Apple has sued the NSO Group to curb state-sponsored malware – Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at ThycoticCentrify offers the following comments:

“This is a major indication of the push to protect privacy which at the moment is on a very fine line. Governments and others have been known to use and abuse the Pegasus spyware to gain access to mobile devices data without the victim knowing or needing to click on anything.

To protect privacy means the need to have good security and when security is broken it puts everyone at risk. The balance of privacy is at risk more than ever and it looks like Apple have decided to defend and fight for privacy. It is important to protect citizens as governments are here to serve and provide services for the citizens, not control which means governments must work together to limit safe havens for those who abuse citizens’ rights and when diplomacy fails it looks like Apple are now taking the legal action path.”

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