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SecureData Launches Six New Services that Enable Organisations to Detect and Defend Against their Cybersecurity Weaknesses

January 2017 by CLEMENT OLIN

SecureData, a provider of cybersecurity services and solutions today announced the launch of six new proactive services that enable organisation reduce their cyber risk. The new services delivered by its advanced consulting arm, SensePost, include - Managed Vulnerability Scanning, Advanced Footprinting, Spot Check Penetration Testing, Red Team Engagement and Internal/External Assessments, as well as Phishing as a service.

With just 51% of companies currently taking action to identify cyber risks it comes as no surprise that 90% of large organisations and 74% of UK SMBs suffered a security breach in the last 12 months. To reduce cyber risk organisations need understand what its critical assets are, where the business is vulnerable and how hackers are most likely to attack.

The new SensePost services launched by SecureData, use the same mindset, tools and techniques as malicious hackers. Executing a thorough assessment of an organisations security posture reveals which issues could do the most damage, or are most likely to be exploited by attackers. In turn SecureData and SensePost deliver actionable advice, expert consultancy and training to reinforce underlying processes and better defend critical assets.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

• Always on Managed Vulnerability Scanning provides regular, on-going scanning to manage and eliminate network vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Armed with industry-leading tools, SensePost’s world-class cyber analysts identify and prioritise weaknesses across the IT estate without interrupting the day-to-day.

Advanced Footprinting

• Cybercriminals prepare for an attack by using reconnaissance tools and techniques to ‘footprint’ an organisation - building a detailed picture of its online assets, network touch-points and key employees. SensePost turns the same skills and techniques to the organisations advantage, building a complete picture of its true Internet Attack Surface.

By proactively understanding the weaknesses in IT networks, infrastructure and applications that a hacker could discover online, SensePost actively strengthens the organisations security posture, making it a far less tempting target.

Spot Check Penetration Testing

• Sometimes the best way to test security is to try to beat it. SensePost’s Spot Check Penetration Test isn’t a comprehensive security review, but it delivers an indicative snapshot, revealing whether a more rigorous security assessment is required.

Working under strict ethical constraints, SensePost examines systems from the perspective of a malicious actor to try to compromise any specified target, such as specific applications or data. In just days security flaws around critical assets will be revealed, all vetted for accuracy and prioritised by risk, as well as recommending remediation steps.

Internal/External Assessments

• Designed for businesses requiring a deeper insight into their exploitable vulnerabilities will benefit from SensePost’s Internal/External Assessment.

Red Team Engagement

• Ideal for organisations with a more mature cybersecurity posture, Red Team engagement comprehensively tests resilience to attack, as well as gauging the ability to detect when attack is taking place and defend against it.

Phishing as a service

• Phishing attacks are on the rise - up 55% in 2015 - and they’re becoming more ingenious. Fraudulent emails are still most common, but cybercriminals can use any communications channel to trick employees into compromising security.

Organisation are only ever as secure as its least security conscious user, so educating staff on the risks should be a top priority. By simulating a real Phishing attack and monitoring responses, SensePost gauges current levels of exposure and dramatically strengthens defences at a minimal cost. These ‘live’ attacks educate users on real tactics and security best practices, with campaigns tailored to any level of knowledge, even drilling down into specific user and device vulnerabilities.

The six new services are available from SecureData now.

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