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Secure Identity Alliance announce new Open Source API to harmonise sovereign ID programs

June 2018 by Marc Jacob

In a move that promises to accelerate the development of national identity schemes across the world, Secure Identity Alliance today announces its Open Source API (Application Program Interface) initiative.

Directly addressing the high-cost problems of vendor lock-in and the lack of standardization within today’s identity ecosystem, this pioneering new Open Source API project will deliver technical interoperability between civil registration registries and civil identification registries.

Developed within the SIA and endorsed by the world’s leading identity system vendors, this landmark initiative demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to breaking down the technical barriers to achieving the United Nations goal of establishing a legal identity for every citizen.

By allowing multiple identity registries and systems to “talk” to one another – independent of technology, solution architecture or vendor - the Open Source API will solve the interoperability challenges that have hampered the evolution of national identity systems. Governments can invest with confidence – preserving the value of existing systems while evolving their environments without the fear of vendor lock-in. The Open Source API will be shared on Github from the beginning of the project. Anyone wishing to contribute is welcome to do so.

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