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Secure Code Warrior and Okta Collaborate to Create New Solution to Secure Developer Workflows

June 2022 by Patrick LEBRETON

The Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows enables a cohesive approach to secure coding, ensuring developers meet requirements before committing code

Secure Code Warrior, the global, developer-driven security leader, today announced an exciting addition to the Okta Integration Network. Okta, the leading independent provider of identity, and Secure Code Warrior collaborated to deliver a new solution - the Secure Code Warrior (SCW) Connector for Okta Workflows, which enables organisations and developers to write secure code from the start of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Applying a security-first mindset, organisations can design an identity workflow that protects builds from the beginning of the life cycle, giving organisations the flexibility to only provide GitHub repo access to security proficient developers. This helps organisations promote a security first culture while the SCW Learning Platform enables developers to meet these standards and requirements. Organisations have implemented this solution across their application, security and engineering teams to provide this additional layer of security.

Preventing insecure code and ensuring better access control during software development remains a significant need for industries across all verticals. Meanwhile, developers recognise the importance of delivering secure software applications but face competing priorities. According to SCW’s recently released “The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey, 2022”, 67% knowingly left vulnerabilities and exploits in their code, with a lack of time and a cohesive approach cited as the two main barriers to the adoption of secure coding practices.

The Secure Code Warrior Connector for Okta Workflows utilises key components of both companies’ technology platforms to benefit organisations and developers alike:

- Pre-configured actions enable developer teams to quickly build the desired workflows in a no-code/low code environment, without the hassle of getting into the complexities of API calls.

- Once the workflow is ready, it will run automatically and can be customised for frequency.

- Secure Code Warrior’s Learning Platform provides information on the developers’ assessment score and course completion status, giving teams the insights to determine their security skills when writing code.

- Organisations have the flexibility to only allow GitHub repo access to security proficient developers

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