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SeMarket receives the award for “Best Security Product of the Year” by the magazine Red Seguridad

January 2009 by Marc Jacob

SeMarket a specialize in the area of biometric and digital identification with its access control solution BioSeLogOn, has recently won the award for the Best Security product for the Year 2008 by the prestigious magazine Red Seguridad from the Editorial Borrmart, which specializes in security, communication and data protection.

The event which has entered its third edition is highly regarded in the sector. Its aim is to award the most outstanding technological solutions of the year. The presentation ceremony, which was assisted by numerous personalities and more than 150 attendees, was presided over by the Secretary of State and Director of National Internal Intelligence, Mr Alberto Saiz Cortés.

SeMarket´s winning solution BioSeLogOn is an access control system based on biometric recognition using (voice, face and fingerprint), and to which an additional identification system using cryptographic cards is incorporated. This is a modular solution offering maximum security, and which guarantees secure access to computers integrated in networks or stand alone devices.

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