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Scram Software launches ScramFS

February 2018 by Marc Jacob

Scram Software has announced that ScramFS – an internationally peer-reviewed encryption system for safeguarding cloud data – is now available to UK SMEs, government and not-for-profit organisations, enabling fast and easy encryption of sensitive data to reduce breaches and assist GDPR compliance.

Researched, developed and peer-reviewed over three years by a team of security experts including Dr Ron Steinfeld, a leader in post-quantum cryptography (Monash University, Australia), and Dr Toby Murray, a leader in software security (The University of Melbourne, Australia), ScramFS provides fully transparent client-side data encryption to help organisations bolster their cyber defences and level of GDPR compliance. Specifically, ScramFS enables organisations to implement encryption and pseudonymisation security protections (Article 32) by design and default (Article 25), while also mitigating the obligations of reporting data breaches to data subjects (Article 34).

ScramFS is also designed to be long-term secure: most of today’s cryptosystems are expected to be broken by quantum computers within 15 years, but ScramFS uses only quantum-resistant techniques, so what users encrypt today will be secure for years and decades to come.

Cryptography has long had a reputation for being notoriously difficult or troublesome to implement, yet statistics show that security improves when IT professionals have quality tools and documentation showing them exactly how to perform specific tasks. With this in mind, Scram Software has created an ‘encryption cookbook’ accompanying ScramFS, enabling system administrators and DevOps engineers to follow ‘recipes’ for protecting many types of data, from encrypting a WordPress website backup, for example, to the encryption of a MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server backup.

ScramFS also features a simple Application Programming Interface (API) that allows software developers to add encryption into their applications, delivering secure systems by design and default by encrypting data early, thereby mitigating the possible effects of future breaches or lapses in security.

Pricing and availability
Organisations can trial ScramFS for 30 days at before making a purchase. Volume-based subscriptions start at £349 p.a. for the first 50GB of primary data under protection, with uncapped per-server licensing options also available. Not-for-profit organisations can benefit from a 50% discount on the purchase price until 25 May 2018.

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