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Scaleway launches Private Networks in General Availability

October 2020 by Marc Jacob

Scaleway announces the General Availability of its Private Networks service. The success of the Public Beta launched in September confirms that Privates Networks meets the challenges of scalability and security enhancements for customers of all sizes.

The need for ever more flexible and secured IT infrastructures is constantly growing. With its decades-long experience in excellence and innovation, the Scaleway team is engineering a robust and modern range of Virtual Private Cloud services to meet this need. As of today, the General Availability of Private Networks represents a new step towards this goal.

All customers running General Purpose, Development and GPU instances can take advantage of this feature in the regions PAR1, AMS1, the new innovative and sustainable eco-Availability Zone PAR2, and the Central and Eastern European region WAW1. Private Networks offers VLAN technology, also called Layer 2, coupled with Q-in-Q technology, to isolate resources from the public network. The solution allows users to connect one compute instance in eight different VLANs and can integrate up to 256 instances per VLAN. In terms of capacity, Private Networks allows up to 4 Gbps of bandwidth to interconnect resources in a high-performance context.

Top use cases for Private Networks by Scaleway’s customers include secured and Cloud-Native Distributed Web Applications, the isolation of databases, backups and logs from the internet, and custom security enhancement to avoid threats such as DDoS attacks.

Private Networks are free of charge, with no transfer cost, and can be activated from the client console as well as by using APIs.

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