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Scaleway announced the availability of its new Block Storage

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

Scaleway, The Iliad Group’s cloud division announced the availability of its new Block Storage offering, designed for applications requiring ultra-fast disk access. With this solution, Scaleway meets the low-latency, flexible and secure storage needs of enterprises and startups.

The use of large databases is booming, driven by Big Data and Data Analytics projects. These critical applications are demanding in terms of storage and IOPS (Input/output operations per second) and require appropriate cloud storage infrastructures. Companies are turning to block storage solutions (Block Storage vs Object Storage1) which allows operations on very large volumes of data with very low latency and complete security.

Unique features

Scaleway offers Block Storage via a simple pricing model, from €0.08/GB/month for 5,000 IOPS, with no transfer fees and performance among the highest on the market (see Benchmark below). A second offering at €0.12/GB/month for 10,000 IOPS is also expected.

- High performance: Scaleway’s Block Storage offerings are exclusively SSD-powered. These high-performance disks guarantee 5,000 IOPS.
- Elasticity up to 10TB: Block Storage volumes are flexible. They can be resized at any time to increase storage space, available up to 10TB.
- High availability with 99.99% SLA: Data is replicated 3 times to ensure integrity. Volumes are therefore highly available and remain accessible under all circumstances.
- Simplified use: Creating a Block Storage volume takes only a few seconds from the Scaleway console, the CLI or with a DevOps tool like Terraform. No need to reboot an instance to attach or detach a Block Storage volume. Once the volume is added, simply mount it to start using it. Moving data from one instance to another, detaching and reattaching your volumes without any downtime is also very easy. Geovelo, the GPS navigation platform for cyclists, has chosen to rely on Block Storage after taking part in the product development and testing phases. "We manage several terabytes of data in order to provide our end users with routes and maps, which will soon be updated in real time with traffic information. As a Scaleway customer since 2010, we were naturally interested in the Block Storage solution from the early stages of product testing. Today we are very happy to store our data on Block Storage", said Gaël Sauvanet, CEO and CTO of Geovelo.

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