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SRI Honeynet and BotHunter Malware Analysis Automatic Summary Analysis Table

October 2007 by SRI

The malware infections displayed in our daily infection log summaries were harvested live from the SRI high-interaction honeynet. The daily infection logs (right) present each day’s infection summary, and are 100% autogenerated and posted each morning (PT). Please read the infection table Explanation Page to understand the contents of each infection table column.

The data on this website is provided for research purposes only. It is provided for your personal use only and is supplied AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. You may not redistribute this data. Use or reliance on this data is at your own risk.

Website Stats:

* Spotlight: Top 50 ISP Infection Sources

* Active Period Reported: 125 Days
* BotNet Attacks Detected: 9109
* BotNet C&C channels Witnessed: 74
* BotNet DNS lookups Witnessed: 4277
* Unique MD5 Packed Malware: 703

For more information :

Development Team: Vinod Yegneswaran (SRI), Phillip Porras (SRI), Hassen Saidi (SRI), Monirul Sharif (Georgia-Tech), Arvind Narayanan (University of Texas at Austin).

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Cliff Wang at Army Research Office (ARO) and Karl Levitt at the National Science Foundation for their sponsorship of this research.

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