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SPHERE Launches SPHEREboard 6.0

January 2022 by Marc Jacob

SPHERE announced the release of SPHEREboard 6.0, the latest software upgrade of the company’s flagship product offering. This software update ushers in a complete redesign of the product, including a more efficient dashboard and interface.

SPHEREboard 6.0 takes the user experience to a whole new level, compared to the previous 5.7 version. 6.0 gives a heightened visibility into all privileged access across an organization’s assets. It also equips customers with granular customizability and heightened levels of control not previously available. Other key features and benefits with the upgrade include:

New controls, parameters and full redesign of the SPHEREboard dashboard and user interface.
A new and improved version of the Privileged Access Management module that allows users to manage UNIX, Windows, applications and privileged access.
New ability to create and pin custom dashboards designed for individual users.

This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s Cyber Hygiene Solution, launched late 2021 to help shrink an organizations’ overall attack surface. By focusing on Zero Trust and implementing a Least Privileged Access state for all end-users and privileged entitlements, the Cyber Hygiene Solution drastically reduces an organization’s risk posture.

SPHERE’s unique view on ownership in the 6.0 release sets SPHEREboard apart from the alternatives in the access management space. The company’s solutions and services focus on distinguishing account identities, as well as providing a wide range of controls on critical assets across the enterprise. Leveraging a combination of SPHEREboard and a world class team of SPHERExperts that provide thought leadership and industry knowledge, IT organizations will begin to see a gain in operational efficiency through automation, allowing for greater breadth and depth of ongoing reporting and remediation needs.

With this update, SPHERE continues to listen intently to the access governance challenges facing complex and large organizations. SPHERE’s end-to-end workflow understands the state of an environment, automates collection, identifies immediate risks and seamlessly remediates.

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