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S2OPC certified by the OPC foundation to the 1.03 standard

July 2020 by Marc Jacob

S2OPC is currently the only OPC UA open-source implementation on the market with a Safe & Secure touch. S2OPC has just taken a new step by obtaining a certificate of compliance with the OPC UA v1.03 standard from the OPC Foundation for its S2OPC sample server application. This certificate guarantees future users of S2OPC server successful deployment in the world of Industry 4.0.

Obtaining this certification required the S2OPC sample server application to successfully pass more than 500 tests validating that this application is:
• Compliant with the OPC specifications
• Interoperable with other OPC products from other vendors (5 third party products on each functionality)
• Robust, reliable (management of communication losses, reconnections, exception handling, error escalation, etc.).
• Usable, by following universally accepted best-practices
• Efficient in managing resources (CPU, memory, disk space etc.)

S2OPC is currently being deployed in many industrial, railway or space devices that require a high level of robustness and interoperability: from strongly constrained by cybersecurity IoT to supervision systems.

“The certification of our S2OPC sample server provides users an example of how to create certifiable applications that help ensure that their equipment could comply with the requirements of the OPC UA standard. Certification is a guarantee of proven interoperability and robustness provided by tests carried out by an independent laboratory" declares Vincent Pouzol, product manager at Systerel. This certification is part of Systerel’s commitment to provide quality products that comply with market standards and industrial requirements. In line with this commitment, S2OPC is now undergoing CSPN (First Level Security Certification) certification from ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) in order to provide its customers with an initial response to their security requirements in the near future.

Systerel is an engineering company specialized in development, validation and evaluation of safety critical real-time systems.

Through several implementations of the OPC UA technology in an industrial context, Systerel developed a real expertise on the OPC UA standard. Noting a real lack in the market offers when addressing safety and security constraints, Systerel decided, with the support of ANSSI, to develop its own open source OPC UA implementation: Safe&Secure OPC (S2OPC). Systerel is a member of the OPC Foundation and the OPC France working group.

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