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Riverbed Technology launched the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform

March 2018 by Marc Jacob

Riverbed Technology, The Digital Performance Companyä, launched the Riverbed Digital Performance Platformä and unveiled a new brand identity, accelerating the Company’s strategy to deliver industry-leading solutions to maximize digital performance and fueling new growth opportunities in a $30 billion+ market. Today’s announcements are the result of a multi-year strategy from Riverbed to lead in the area of digital performance, which included several strategic acquisitions, organic development of digital performance and cloud-based features and functionality, and integration across multiple solutions.

Digital is driving innovation and transforming entire industries and has moved rapidly to the center of business strategy, as customers look to digitally transform by delivering new digital services, systems, business models and processes. Driven by major technology trends including cloud, mobile and analytics, digital is gaining serious momentum. According to IDC, by the year 2021, at least 50 percent of global GDP will be digitized, with growth driven by digitally-enhanced offerings, operations and relationships. Additionally, IDC expects digital transformation spending to reach $2.1 trillion in 2021.

While digital is becoming mission critical for business, many organizations are still using legacy IT infrastructure that is not equipped to handle the digital initiatives of today and the future. In fact, IDC says that 60% of digital transformation initiatives will be unable to scale due to lack of a strategic architecture. To compete in today’s digital era, companies today must effectively lean into a modern IT architecture and next
- generation network.

Riverbed customers across all industries are deploying Riverbed solutions today to maximize digital performance and drive measurable business outcomes, including the world’s largest container shipping company Maersk.

Riverbed Digital Performance Platform Provides Modern IT Architecture for Digital Enterprise

Riverbed’s unified and integrated Digital Performance Platform, brings together a powerful combination of Digital Experience Management, Cloud Networking and Cloud Edge solutions that provides a modern IT architecture for the digital enterprise, delivering new levels of operational agility and dramatically accelerating business performance and outcomes.

· Cloud Networking: Enables next-generation networking with a comprehensive solution that includes SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, application acceleration, and network visibility. Riverbed greatly simplifies and unifies connectivity and management of LANs, WANs, WLANs while providing instant, secure, and optimized cloud connectivity.

· Digital Experience: Unifies device-based user experience, application, infrastructure, and network monitoring to provide a holistic view of a user’s digital experience.

· Cloud Edge: Centralizes islands of infrastructure to secure 100% of data-the lifeblood of any digital business-while still delivering superior, local-like experiences for users at the edge.

The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform also includes world-class support from Riverbed and professional services. In addition, Riverbed partners with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, and ServiceNow, which drives integration and further value for customers.

New Riverbed Brand Identity Brings Digital Performance to the Forefront

As part of Riverbed’s new corporate brand identity around Digital Performance, the Company is repositioning itself as The Digital Performance Company. The new positioning reflects the investment and focus Riverbed has put into digital experience management, next-generation cloud networking, and cloud edge solutions, and better articulates the total value and impact of Riverbed solutions in today’s digital marketplace. Riverbed is also unveiling a new logo today which is reflective of the new positioning on digital performance.

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