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Return Path and Vade Secure strengthen partnership

December 2018 by Marc Jacob

Return Path, email intelligence market leader, today announced it has strengthened its partnership with Vade Secure, the global leader in predictive email defense and anti-phishing solutions. Over the past three-plus years, the two companies have worked closely together to enhance and protect more than 500 million email inboxes and thousands of brands worldwide.

Phishing threats are constantly growing, as can be evidenced by the 45 percent rise in the number of cyberattacks between the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 according to the APWG (Anti Phishing Working Group). Moreover, there are ever-more sophisticated and targeted email attacks. As a result, email marketing campaigns are hit hard by such threats. In addition to harvesting consumer data, phishing undermines consumer trust in brands. Indeed, consumers who have fallen victim to a phishing attack are less inclined to open legitimate email from the impersonated brand. So, the advertiser’s reputation is damaged both with ISPs and consumers.

In order to sustainably improve customers’ email experience, Vade Secure relies on Return Path Certification, which encourages brands to adopt best practices to safeguard their email campaigns. The tool also provides considerable data that can be leveraged to optimize future campaigns. By pinpointing legitimate senders from the Return Path White List, Vade Secure can focus on continually fine-tuning its filter engine to prevent new and emerging threats. The two firms’ collaboration means that phishing detection rules can be tightened while preventing consumers from being duped and safeguarding impersonated brands’ reputation.

Thanks to the Return Path-Vade Secure partnership, marketing departments’ output is protected, and their email campaigns deliver better performance. Return Path and Vade Secure also both work with many ISPs, who benefit the most from the partnership. Indeed, securing and enhancing email inboxes helps deliver a top-quality end-user service. So, end-users will benefit from tighter phishing attack protection while also enjoying a graymail-free inbox paving the way for legitimate emails to reach their targets.

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