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Remember the Accellion breach last year?

April 2021 by Purplemet

You might think it’s solved and nicely finished, but not yet! I read an article last week called “The Accellion Breach Keeps Getting Worse—and More Expensive” and it describes the situation perfectly.

The Accellion FTA breach happened when Accellion’s legacy web-based file transfer appliance was hacked. They say they have fixed the problem, but you can guess what it was, right? Unpatched security vulnerabilities, of course! The reason why we are still hearing about it is that there are many companies where the breach is only becoming obvious now.

My advice - never forget that web vulnerabilities are one of your weakest points and protect yourself by making sure you always know where and what your web apps are and when they’re supposed to be updated. Some Accellion users are now also having to deal with the HAFNIUM Microsoft Exchange Server attack - two huge but totally avoidable messes!

Any of my contacts suffer from the Accellion breach?

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