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Reliance acsn transforms cyber security services with enhanced network visibility

November 2019 by Marc Jacob

Reliance acsn is enhancing its services with the addition of Highlight’s network and application monitoring and reporting.

Reliance acsn protects its customers’ information assets through the creation of risk profiles and firewall design alongside business-driven defined monitoring, early detection and rapid response. With Highlight, Reliance acsn now has early warning of possible issues through greater visibility and understanding of network infrastructures and information flows across the 1,000 plus security devices it manages for over 80 customers on five continents.

Reliance acsn works with large enterprise-level customers that have complicated networks in sectors such as banking, telecoms, retail, government, insurance and leisure. Highlight simulates user transactions and tests how these networks, including multiple locations and transactions, are performing in near real-time. If there is an issue, Reliance acsn doesn’t have to wait for alerts, or worse still for the customer to notice. They can show the customer where something isn’t working and help them to troubleshoot.

For central government, Reliance acsn manages the perimeter security for this extensive IT environment. Highlight shows the whole journey of a transaction and what the user experience is likely to be. If a failure occurs, Reliance acsn can demonstrate value by pinpointing where they need to look to solve the issue. For a car dealership group with multiple locations, departments and devices, Reliance acsn has end-to-end visibility of the network, with the ability to identify issues before they occur and affect business operations.

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