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Radiflow’s new MSSP partner program for OT cybersecurity attracts French firm

June 2019 by Marc Jacob

Radiflow, a provider of industrial OT cybersecurity solutions for ICS/SCADA networks, announced the launch of a new partner program for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

The OT MSSP partner program is designed for MSSPs that already provide IT cybersecurity services and are looking to enter the OT space. It also targets industrial automation service providers who want to expand their offerings to OT cybersecurity segment.

Under this program, Radiflow provides the MSSPs with the framework to launch innovative OT cybersecurity offerings to industrial and critical infrastructure customers. At the base is the program is Radiflow’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection System running in the Cloud environment of an MSSP partner. iSID can be used by an MSSP to offer their customers OT cybersecurity services such as an ongoing network monitoring service by building a network topology map of all devices, connections, ports and data traffic flows on an OT network and handling alerts to any changes to the network. An MSSP can also use iSID for a service for detecting any breech attempts and apply security upgrades to any newly detected devices.

“Most industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure operators lack the internal resources to adequately protect their OT networks. This situation has created a unique opportunity for MSSPs,” said Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “Radiflow offers them the tools, procedures and expertise required to establish the framework for building OT-dedicated cybersecurity services.” Kalis Consulting, a French firm specializing in building security management, is among the first to join Radiflow’s OT MSSP partner program.

"We are joining Radiflow’s new OT MSSP partner program at an exciting time in the Building Security Management space we work in,” said Marc Benattar, CEO at Kalis Consulting in France. “Most of our customers are rapidly introducing new digitally-driven, yet technically vulnerable devices to their OT environments. This strategic partnership positions us to provide important OT cybersecurity services for our customers and also to improve our service offering.”

Radiflow works closely with each OT MSSP partner to help them roll out a full range of OT cybersecurity services including monitoring the network and networked assets, providing status reports, deactivating active and upcoming threats, provisioning software updates and patches, optimizing end user cybersecurity expenditures and preparing the end user for a cyber attack, the company said.

“For an MSSP to launch OT cybersecurity services, more than just a third party product is needed to succeed,” said IlanBarda, CEO at Radiflow. “We offer a complete package to build the framework for these important OT cybersecurity services, including all the necessary tools, procedures and support from our experts.”

As part of its business offering to MSSPs, Radiflow provides silver, gold and premium packages, including a free trial period for MSSPs to provide a Proof-of-Value rollout to end customers. Both Cloud and on-premise versions of the offerings are available under these packages.

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