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PwC - cyberattacks have hit one in four companies - comments from Webroot

February 2016 by Webroot

PwC has release a report claiming that cyberattacks have hit one in four companies and that half of respondent expect some form of attack in the next two years. Following this, please find below comments from David Kennerley, senior manager for threat research at Webroot.

“All the signs over the past year have pointed to cybercrime increasing, but it is surprising that PwC found the number of companies hit to be as low as one in four. This is likely because so many attacks go unrecognised for a long period of time.

“What is worrying is that only half of the respondents expect some form of cyberattack in the next two years, because every organisation is at risk - regardless of size, location and product offering. Essentially, if a business makes money or holds data – of which all do – then it is a potential target.

“Hackers are becoming more inventive with their targeting, from small businesses to large corporations. Organisations need to bear this in mind and take a proactive approach to security.

“There’s no magic wand. In simple terms, it’s about completing comprehensive risk assessments, creating policies and understanding industry best practices, evaluating possible technologies then implementing a solution. Security training should always be at the heart of an organisation’s security program as technology alone will not stand up against a motivated attacker. Everyone within the organisation – from IT to the marketing department – should be made responsible for the security of its assets.

“With the recent success cyber criminals have seen, we can only expect more companies to be affected in two year’s time when the next PwC survey is released.”

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