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PureVPN Urges Global Businesses to Fortify Their Remote Network Security

March 2020 by Marc Jacob

The novel coronavirus is tearing communities apart, leaving streets and public places abandoned. Ultimately, the virus has also forced companies into vacating workplaces and switching to remote working. As the work-from-home culture becomes a new norm, threat actors take it as a favorable opportunity to target vulnerable and unsuspecting users and steal their business data. To help prevent this digital threat from becoming another global pandemic, PureVPN encourages global businesses to use a remote access VPN.

Threat actors have become more active during the coronavirus outbreak. They are capitalizing on the opportunity to deceive unsuspecting users and steal their data. And they are carrying on their evil practices in different ways. For instance, Malwarebytes has recently come across a fake and malicious “corona anti-virus” tool, fooling users into believing that it would help them to avoid the human virus. Similarly, cyberattackers are also involved in sending phishing emails to users with malicious coronavirus maps and other weaponized files.

Since humans make a weak chain in the cybersecurity of an organization, they become even more vulnerable when allowed to work in an insecure environment. Moreover, the practice exposes the confidential data that is on the company’s laptop and other devices that the employees now use from their insecure home network. PureVPN encourages businesses to protect their sensitive data and business communication by setting up remote access VPNs.

A remote-access VPN is, although a sophisticated technology, to define it in layman terms, it is a technology that allows businesses to help their employees connect to the private business network securely through an encrypted connection. As communication becomes encrypted, the remote staff can send and receive files through a secure system and away from the reach of hackers. The VPN provider has published a complete blog that details the workings of remote-access VPNs and their benefits.

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