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Publication of the book “Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game”

June 2014 by Marc Jacob

Sogeti, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capgemini Group, announces its latest publication, “Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game” co-written with IBM.

Beyond the deep analysis of the new shapes of Cyber criminality and the challenges that organizations are facing, the book offers pragmatic and innovative approaches for threat anticipation and efficient reaction to attacks. “It is essentially time for the security conversation to be based on value creation, instead of the reduction of risk” said Erik van Ommeren, VINT1 Director from Sogeti and co-author of the book. “For the past years, fear for the hackers and for data loss was the driving force of security programs. This is not sufficient. This book will help CEOs and CIOs to look a new at Cyber Security and to consider it as a key element of their strategy.”

The authors focus on the unequal balance of power between attackers and their victims2, the threats on industrial systems, the future of encryption, the implementation of security governance, and data protection. They focus on the role data scientists will play moving forward.

“Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game: What Matters Now”, was coauthored by members of the SogetiLabs trendspotting team working in collaboration with the Sogeti Security Practice and IBM. Authors include: Erik van Ommeren, and Marinus Kuivenhoven from the SogetiLabs trend team and Martin Borrett from the IBM Institute for Advanced Security Europe.

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