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Public sector security failings leave UK at risk, says think tank - Comment from an Opentext company Webroot


According to a new report compiled for think tank Reform [2], noted a spike in cyber-attacks against public sector bodies across Europe and said this should prompt fears over the "patchwork" nature of cyber security in the UK’s public sector. The comment from KELVIN MURRAY, SENIOR THREAT RESEARCH ANALYST AT WEBROOT [3] thoughts on this report.

_"_It’s clear that the public sector is currently vulnerable to cyberattacks, having been facing different challenges around cybersecurity throughout COVID-19. State bodies provide essential services and as such are vulnerable to disruptive attacks like ransomware. They also handle very valuable private, operational and political data and are a tempting target for malicious state and criminal actors alike. As networks go, the government is huge and disjointed and contains many separate parts that are difficult to manage and secure.

It’s therefore crucial for public sector organisations to consider cybersecurity defences as a necessity, and have the necessary budget and mindset to implement them. Secondly, data must always be backed up so systems can be restored if needed. It is also important to take a corporate culture shift seriously. Staff training is essential for defending against such attacks, so that employees know what to look out for and the training materials used also need to be continuously updated to reflect the latest threat trends, and regular simulations should be run to ensure that the training has the desired effect."

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