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Profitap and NetAlly offer integrated solution to streamline packet capture and accelerate root cause analysis

July 2020 by Marc Jacob

Profitap, a worldwide expert in creating network analysis and traffic capture solutions, and NetAlly, a global specialize in handheld testing solutions for wired and wireless access networks, today announced the release of a product workflow integration with the Profitap Booster for reliable aggregated traffic access and the NetAlly EtherScope™ nXG to capture and analyze this traffic at full line-rate. When it comes to capturing packets and troubleshooting problems, network analysts must be able to get into the path of the pertinent packets. However, getting access in the right place and capturing every single packet you need without losing any data can be a difficult and cumbersome job, requiring a wide array of tools and a lot of time due to trial and error.

By joining forces, Profitap and NetAlly have addressed these issues with their combination of the Booster and EtherScope™ nXG. The Profitap Booster provides fail-safe access up to four full-duplex in-line network links while also passing PoE, if present. By aggregating this into a single 10G output port, it offers the speed conversion required to forward the network traffic to the EtherScope™ nXG. This allows the user to capture and analyze data on multiple places in the network or on both sides of a device simultaneously without impacting the network itself.

Remote analysis can also be performed with the ability to access the EtherScope™ nXG through the use of VNC or a secure web-based connection. This way, the solution can be controlled as if the analyst was sitting right in front of it. This means that packet capture filters can be created, and the capture started and analyzed, all without being at the remote location.

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