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Precisely announced that its Precisely Data Integrity Suite is Powered by Snowflake

December 2023 by Marc Jacob

Precisely announced that its Precisely Data Integrity Suite is Powered by Snowflake. Joint customers can leverage the Precisely Data Integrity Suite2 for access to data that is accurate, consistent, and full of rich context – without having to move data from their cloud environment.

Building the Data Integrity Suite to run on the Snowflake Data Cloud3 allows users to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and performance of Snowflake’s unified platform. Joint customers can quickly solve a variety of data integrity challenges, including:
• Replicating data, including data from the mainframe, to the Snowflake Data Cloud
• Cataloguing data for better visibility into business and technical metadata
• Profiling data quality and receiving proactive suggestions for quality rules
• Verifying addresses and geocoding locations
• Enriching business data with curated datasets
The news underscores the long-standing partnership of the two companies, with the data integrity leader already having achieved Snowflake Ready Technology status4 for its Precisely Connect5 data integration solution early last year. A wide array of Precisely datasets is also available on Snowflake Marketplace6, including world points of interest, address data, and more.

Industry-leading applications are Powered by Snowflake. By building on Snowflake, product and engineering teams can develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers. With the Powered by Snowflake programme, builders can access resources to help design, market, and operate their applications in the Data Cloud.

Further discover the powerful combination7 of Snowflake and the Precisely Data Integrity Suite or learn more8 about the Powered by Snowflake programme and how organisations are building on Snowflake.

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