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Pradeo released its new Mobile Threat Landscape Report

February 2018 by Pradeo

Get an insight of the current mobile threat landscape surrounding us with this new report from the Pradeo Lab, based on a two-million Apps sample.

Mobile apps are a direct threat to companies GDPR compliance

In 2017, mobile applications have been a target of choice for hackers to access and steal data, with 86% of mobile threats coming from them, far ahead Network exploits and OS manipulations.

Applications can threaten users in two different ways:
 By performing malicious or unwanted actions
 By being vulnerable to attacks

This report gathers the results of a research conducted by the Pradeo Lab in January 2018, based on a sample of 2 million Android and iOS Apps analyzed by Pradeo’s engine. It features the top mobile threats with a focus on data privacy violations and malwares, followed by a risk analysis related to OWASP vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways

o 61% of Android applications and 36% of iOS applications leak data to remote servers.
o 16.8% of apps establish connections to uncertified servers.
o Valuable data such as health and banking credentials are becoming a privileged target.
o 31% of applications feature an OWASP vulnerability.

Find Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Landscape report here.

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