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Pierre Calais, Stormshield: Can you stay in charge of your security strategy while outsourcing the IS and ushering in its transition to the cloud? Yes you can!

July 2015 by Marc Jacob

Stormshield will be presenting its Stormshield Network Security solutions at the next Assises de la Sécurité. This new product range uses Multilayer Collaborative Security technology, which facilitates active collaboration between the various security engines on appliances. At the same time, Stormshield will be unveiling its Cloud range. The workshop it will be holding titled “How safely use the cloud for optimised and effortless collaboration” aims to lift restrictions to ensure a smooth and secure migration to the cloud. According to Pierre Calais, COO of Stormshield (Arkoon-Netasq), you can still be in control of your security strategy while outsourcing the IS and ushering in its transition to the cloud!

Global Security Mag: What are you showcasing at the Assises de la Sécurité?

Pierre Calais: For the very first time, Stormshield Network Security solutions will be using innovative Multilayer Collaborative Security technology, which facilitates active collaboration between the various security engines on appliances. This holistic approach makes it possible to adapt the level of protection on workstations and servers to vulnerabilities that have been identified or security alerts that have been reported. New cloud-oriented solutions will also be presented.

GS Mag: What will be the theme of your conference this year?

Pierre Calais: “Using the cloud to collaborate in total security and peace of mind – yes, it’s possible!” Extended perimeter defense, compliance, management of sensitive data – attend a well-paced and instructive workshop on how to lift these restrictions in order to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud. From scalability to agility or an integrated approach to mobility, the cloud offers a wide array of advantages. Collaborative platforms such as Office365 or Google Apps for Work provide the flexibility and ease of use that many corporations have come to expect. Several SMEs and major industrial groups have already made those first steps toward outsourced office solutions and collaborative work tools. Nonetheless, the cloud has yet to be truly embraced by the majority. Many companies are still trying to figure out how to guarantee control over their data in an infrastructure that is beyond their control. Those attending the workshop will find out how to stay in charge of their security policies while outsourcing applications and data.

GS Mag: How will your product range develop for 2015/2016?

Pierre Calais: We will pursue our strategy to protect industrial environments – at the moment, we already allow securing workstations used in monitoring and supervision thanks to Stormshield Endpoint Security, and we are penetrating the market for industrial network protection by enriching our network protection range with dedicated solutions that will be marketed in 2016. The Stormshield Network Security product line will continue to expand with the launch of SN510 and SN710 appliances as well as advanced administration and reporting tools (multiproduct reporting that would provide a global view of the security status).

Furthermore, our cloud strategy will be deployed on various fronts:
• We are providing a new feature that detects unknown sophisticated threats based on Stormshield Endpoint Security’s innovative technology in cloud mode.
• We will integrate our virtual appliances into new cloud platforms.
• Development of data protection in the cloud with the launch of a dedicated solution
I would also like to mention the ability of our data protection solutions to secure content used by business applications (SDS Connector). To conclude, we will be launching a disruptive licensing model dedicated to MSSPs and cloud operators. To meet these objectives, our recruitment policy is seeing steady growth with a target of more than 30%.

GS Mag: What will your sales strategy be for 2015/2016?

Pierre Calais: Stormshield’s extensive portfolio allows it to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Through our network of 800 partners, we even allow businesses hosting fewer than 10 workstations (e.g.: through Orange) to benefit from our solutions. We are strengthening our network’s ability to assist users by conducting courses dedicated to workstation security (PC, server, removable devices): these new skills will allow our partners to develop service ranges for their clients in the EndPoint market. Our current distribution network will be one of the strong points we rely on to market Stormshield Endpoint Security. Corporations with a heightened awareness of the need to protect their assets remain our core targets in sectors such as banking, insurance, energy, industry & manufacturing, logistics & transportation, the public sector and defense. Some of our international areas of focus include: the penetration of the German market, which we opened up in 2015, the beginning of our business activity in the United Kingdom in 2016 as well as support for the expanding Middle Eastern market (forecasted growth of 13.07% - source: Markets&Markets).
With regard to the product range, the requirements our corporate clients have expressed for security in the cloud have inspired us to develop solutions to protect them, while paying particular attention to the most at-risk sectors (infrastructure software, collaboration and content management, office tool suites, CRM and marketing, decision-making and Big Data).

GS Mag: What is your message to CISOs?

Pierre Calais: After the latest revelations by Julian Assange on the reality of economic espionage, CISOs – who project the image of the corporation worldwide – need to ask the right questions on which protection solutions to trust when selecting and deploying them to secure their sensitive assets. The CISO can thus be seen as the corporation’s armed gatekeeper and must have the power and means to manage security on a global level, as security is not solely the duty of the IT operations department.
An impartial adviser, the CISO is the only person who can apply the entire security chain, from its technique to the way it is used – with the active support of managers, his powers and the necessary resources need to be established in order to allow the CISO to effectively perform his duties.
As for any lingering doubts regarding the cloud, I would tell them to take the plunge – you can stay in charge of your security strategy while outsourcing the IS and ushering in its transition to the cloud (protection of content and protection of cloud infrastructures)!

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