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Perforce improves code security with Klocwork/Source Code Warrior integration

November 2021 by Marc Jacob

Perforce Software announced new functionality to speed remediation of discovered defects in automated scans. Delivered via an integration with Secure Code Warrior, Klocwork customers can instantly connect to resources that explain how to mitigate vulnerabilities as they develop code. This allows organizations to increase code safety and developer knowledge within the daily developer workstream.

Klocwork & Secure Code Warrior Partnership Announced

The integration makes secure coding an engaging experience for developers, with relevant skills-based pathways to write secure code at speed. Connecting the relevant SCW learning resources to the security vulnerabilities as they are detected by the SAST tools running within the developer desktop tools, or as part of the CI/CD pipelines means that Klocwork and the Secure Code Warrior learning platform empower developers to remediate errors quickly and continuously enhance their skillset.

In a recent survey from the Ponemon Institute, it was revealed that 53% of developers had not participated in any secure code training. Additionally, it found that with faster release cycles, there is less time for testing which creates more opportunities for vulnerabilities to make their way into production code.

As cybersecurity is a top focus for enterprises across the software development spectrum, the adoption of a culture of secure application development across every team that touches the SDLC is an important first line of defence.

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