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Patrick Harr, CEO SlashNext comment the Data Privacy Week

January 2023 by Patrick Harr, CEO, SlashNext

Every January, we recognize Data Privacy week as an international effort to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. The goal is to empower everyone to protect their data and privacy year-round and spread awareness about online privacy.

SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr provided his insights about how businesses and consumers can protect themselves and their personal information from phishing attacks. SlashNext’s cloud-based
AI platform detects threats in real-time to prevent users from phishing, smishing, social engineering, ransomware, and malicious file downloads; ultimately protecting an organization’s most valuable asset: their data.

“The biggest gaps in security postures come from the personal data of employees in the newly hybrid workforce. These blind spots are becoming more readily apparent as organizations adopt new
channels for personal messaging, communications, and collaboration. Attackers are targeting employees through less protected personal communication channels, like WhatsApp, Signal, Gmail, Facebook Messenger to perpetrate an attack.

In a phishing attack, the bad guys use emails, social media posts, or direct messages to trick people into clicking on a bad link or downloading a malicious attachment. When a
phishing attack succeeds, the cybercriminals capture private data and personal information, or they may even install malware directly onto the device to facilitate ongoing attacks.

New technologies, such as ChatGTP and other generative AI technologies, enable threat actors to supercharge their attacks. They can modify the attacks in millions of different
ways in minutes and with automation, delivering these attacks quickly to improve compromise success.

The best defense to protect against phishing is to be one step ahead of the attackers. New AI- based platforms use generative AI technology to auto-generate new variants of threats
to predict millions of variations of new attacks that might enter the organization.”

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