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Password Day Comment - could biometrics replace the need for passwords?

May 2021 by Vince Graziani, CEO, IDEX Biometrics ASA

Happy Password Day! In light of this, please find below a comment below from Vince Graziani, CEO, IDEX Biometrics ASA, on why a more secure method of authentication is needed in today’s digital landscape.

Vince Graziani, CEO, IDEX Biometrics ASA; “Today, we store more of our personal information online and on digital devices than ever. To keep those digital identities secure, general cybersecurity advice recommends we update our passwords every 90 days, at least. However, that can lead to hastily-typed passwords we soon forget or leave scribbled on notes for others to find. While it’s quite normal to forget a password, you can’t forget your fingerprint. Thankfully with biometric data, we are offered a more secure and timeless form of authentication that avoids the frustration of constantly updating passwords.

“As time goes on, it has become increasingly apparent that passwords are no longer adequate to protect us– especially during the pandemic. Now, we are starting to see the continued use of this insufficient mode of authentication putting consumer data at risk and costing businesses money. To resolve this, companies must move towards more heightened security measures, such as using biometric data to authenticate entry to corporate buildings, networks and devices. All organisations, no matter their size, need hygienic, convenient and ‘fit-for-purpose’ Physical Access Control (PAC) and Logical Access Control (LAC) systems in place. Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to old-fashioned authentication methods of passwords, swipe cards and PINs, and embrace fingerprint biometrics in our migration to a new digital identity.”

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