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Panda Security’s weekly report on viruses and intruders

November 2008 by Panda

This week’s PandaLabs report looks at the Wow.VM Trojan, the Auraax.C worm and a series of malicious codes that spread across P2P networks using the High School Musical films as bait.

Wow.VM spreads in a file called Love.jpg, posing as an inoffensive screensaver. When run, it displays a picture of a teenage girl ( However, in the background it takes a series of malicious actions.

This Trojan is designed to steal login details (user name and password) for online games such as World of Warcraft. The stolen information is then sent to the creator of the malware via Web.

Wow.VM uses stealth techniques to avoid being detected by the user. Once it is installed on the computer, it deletes the original file from which it was run.

Auraax.C reaches computers disguised as a Word file. This worm makes copies of itself in removable drives on the infected system. It also adds itself to the list of authorized applications in the Windows firewall in order to spread across the Internet.

Finally today, PandaLabs has detected the existence of several malicious codes spreading across P2P networks using the High School Musical films as bait. When users search for files related to High School Musical using any of these programs, some of the results will include files infected with malware.

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