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PCH deploys two new PoPs at Interxion Marseille and Madrid to optimise the performance and security of Internet infrastructure

January 2019 by Marc Jacob

INTERXION HOLDING NV announced that Packet Clearing House has deployed two new points of presence (PoPs) at Interxion’s data centres in Marseille and Madrid.

Packet Clearing House (PCH) is a global non-profit organisation that provides operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructures including Internet exchanges and the core of the domain name system. Since 1995, PCH has been working to make this system faster, more scalable, and more resilient against attack. Today, the company operates the world’s largest authoritative DNS service network, hosting two of the DNS root letters and more than 400 top-level domains on thousands of servers in more than 180 locations globally.

Interxion’s MRS1 data centre in Marseille will be PCH’s second most important PoP in France, and the organisation’s main gateway to Northern Africa, while MAD1 within Interxion’s Madrid data centre campus will be PCH’s largest PoP in Spain and one of its major interconnection hubs in Europe.

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