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Origin Storage announced the launch of Enigma SED

April 2010 by Marc Jacob

Origin Storage announced the launch of Enigma SED. The self-encrypted drive (SED) is the first solution to provide companies of all sizes with a quick and cost effective way to secure laptops using the highest levels of hardware AES 256-bit encryption.

With remote working becoming an important part of any modern day corporate environment many organisations are issuing laptops in preference to standard desktop PCs. At the same time, companies are putting at risk the security of sensitive and confidential information in areas outside of their physical control.

Incorporating the 256 Bit AES hardware encrypted 2.5” hard drives from Toshiba; the Enigma SED solution provides permanent full disk encryption on the fly, which means no speed degradation when reading and writing data. The Enigma SED also conforms to the latest Trusted Computing Group OPAL Self-Encrypting Drive standard.

Enigma SED is a 100% compatible upgrade with all SATA based notebooks designed specifically for the corporate/SME market. Each Enigma hard drive is supplied with the correct fitting kit pre-mounted ready to fit straight into the laptop. Developed by WinMagic, MySecureDoc Express possesses a Pre-Boot Authentication system that allows the user to authenticate using a password, removing the need for the drive to rely on the laptop’s BIOS which means that it is now possible to upgrade SATA based system to an Enigma SED.

The Enigma SED solution also includes a data transfer cable and Acronis hard drive cloning software which provides a quick and simple way to move existing data from the laptops non-encrypted hard drive to the fully encrypted Enigma SED. Using a high speed USB2 or eSATA connection a full mirror image clone of the existing drive including the Operating System, Applications and all user data is made which limits the downtime required to upgrade the Mobile Workers laptop.

Key Features

· 256 Bit AES Hardware Encryption

· TCG “OPAL Standard SED” Drive

· Supports Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

· No BIOS Limitations

· Password Pre-Boot Authentication

· 100% Compatible Matched Solution

· Fits SATA Based Laptop

· Real-time Encryption

· Transfer Existing Data With Ease

· No Speed Degradation

· Capacities Up To 500GB and Rising


· High Level Encryption Using AES 256 Bit Secures Your Data

· Always On Entire Disk Encryption Protects All Data On The Drive

· On The Fly Hardware Encryption Means No Additional System Resource Usage

· Local administrative role manageability

· Self-help password recovery options

· Activation of drive into encrypted state is instantaneous versus the unavoidable “conversion” time needed with standard hard drives

· Data encryption key does not leave the drive, hence helps prevent cooled-RAM attack and simplifies key management

· Read Only PBA ( Pre-Boot Authentication) area supports password authentication using drive’s secure partition

· Crypto erase enables instant secure disposal and repurposing of self encrypting-drive, rendering all existing data unintelligible, and returning it to manufactured state

· Complete Matched Solution Makes Fitting Quick And Provides 100% Compatibility

· Included Transfer Kit Clones Existing data Via USB2 or eSATA To Minimise Downtime

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