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OpenTrust Unveils its New Corporate Identity

September 2009 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

OpenTrust unveiled its new corporate identity. The publisher recently launched a large-scale recruitment drive in order to reinforce its management team and enlarge its product offering (OpenTrust Mobile and eBanking) in view of current international expansion.

The company’s new corporate identity is summed up by the slogan “Security is about Trust”. The ground-breaking approach of trust-based digital security pioneered by OpenTrust over the last three years is today a reality: OpenTrust is now synonymous with trust, security and innovation.

Symbolizing the break with tradition that OpenTrust’s new approach to IT security offers, the new corporate identity also includes an overhaul of the company website, which is live online as of today.

The trust-based infrastructure becomes THE core of IT security: through this, the safeguarding of data, devices, applications and transactions is guaranteed and companies can therefore concentrate on making sure their businesses run smoothly, with peace of mind.

OpenTrust’s vision is symbolized by its new corporate identity: the blue sphere represents the trust-based ecosystem; surrounded by its users and peripherals (blue and orange spheres gravitating around an ecosystem).

The new color scheme is also symbolic: blue represents the serenity that trust-based environments confer. Orange symbolizes OpenTrust’s innovation, commitment and profound desire to change the traditional approach to IT security. Gray represents simplicity combined with the strength of the new approach.

The continuous rings that encircle the trusted ecosystem symbolize private or public Internet networks, whereas the dotted rings represent wireless networks. The new logo sums up what OpenTrust brings to the electronic trust market: to enable each user to access their resources and ecosystem in complete confidence, using both the device and network of their choice, and connecting from anywhere in the world. For OpenTrust, IT security must be based on trust. In the current climate, it is important to create a trust-based infrastructure within the electronic environment, just like the one that has existed within the print environment for many centuries.

Every organization or institution (company, government, association etc.) owes it to themselves to build a trust-based IT ecosystem and to ensure that it interoperates with other ecosystems.

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