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Onfido appointed to FIDO Alliance board of directors

March 2019 by Marc Jacob

Onfido announced it has been appointed to the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors. Onfido joins other leading global technology companies, financial services and ecommerce board members to help deliver on the Alliance’s vision for global standards-based authentication, to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.

In partnership with its members, the FIDO Alliance develops open, standards-based specifications for interoperable strong authentication across mobile, web and desktop applications. Through its use of on-device public key cryptography and convenient authenticators such as security keys and biometrics, FIDO Authentication is more secure, private and easy to use than passwords and other forms of strong authentication such as SMS two-factor authentication.

Onfido brings its global expertise in AI-powered identity verification to the Alliance, as well as its market knowledge from partnerships with other established identity organizations such as the Better Identify Coalition. With over 1,500 customers spanning fintech, online marketplaces, car rental, healthcare, gaming and more, Onfido’s end-to-end identity verification service helps keep fraudsters off its customers’ platforms. It does this in as little as 15 seconds by verifying new users at the point of sign-up with a selfie and a photo of their identity document.

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