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OWC Announces Partnership With Acronis

April 2021 by Marc Jacob

OWC® announces partnership with Acronis, making Acronis True Image OEM software available on OWC storage solutions that include SoftRAID today and will consist of additional or all OWC storage solutions in the future. Integrating best-of-breed backup and recovery with AI-enhanced anti-ransomware technology, Acronis’ solution ensures that a user’s digital life is protected – photos, files, applications, operating systems, and the devices they’re on.

Backing up and protecting data is critically important, yet too often the task falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Acronis True Image OEM is designed to complement a user’s existing workflow. And with modern ransomware targeting backup files and processes, it is the world’s first solution to unify backup and anti-ransomware capabilities in one to ensure data is protected from accidents, failures, and cyberattacks.

From set and forget backups that run at specific times during the day, week, or month to backups created regularly as data changes, Acronis True Image OEM ensures a reliable copy of data is available for a speedy recovery. If an issue occurs, restores of individual files or the entire system can be handled in just a few clicks.

The solution unites backup with AI-enhanced anti-ransomware technology, called Acronis Active Protection, which constantly monitors the system with behavioral heuristics to detect and stop ransomware and cryptojacking attacks in real-time. Acronis Active Protection continuously observes patterns in how data files change on a system, distinguishing between typical, expected behavior and those patterns that may signal hostile actions. The integrated solution is proven effective, stopping more than 600,000 ransomware attacks last year and topping testing by independent cybersecurity labs.

Acronis True Image OEM Highlights

Easy: Protect everything – photos, videos, files, applications, systems, and the devices they’re on in just a few clicks
Efficient: Create “set and forget” backups, while recovering and restoring _ Secure: Stop ransomware and cryptojacking attacks from harming device data, backup files, and the application itself
Upgrade option: Move to the full version of Acronis True Image and future versions to unlock additional cyber protection features at special discounted rates.

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