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OVHcloud® US Launches Second Generation Bare Metal Scale Servers

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

OVHcloud US announced the launch of its second generation of dedicated Scale Bare Metal servers. First launched in 2021, this new generation of high-performance Scale Bare Metal servers delivering even more compute power.

Addressing verticals such as healthcare, finance, industry, public sectors and media, the new generation of Scale Bare Metal servers uses powerful processors from AMD and NVIDIA in response to customers’ most intensive use cases such as confidential computing, big data, analytics, as well as virtualization and container orchestration or grid computing.

Modern CPU for Integrity, Compute Power for Big Data and Analytics

In a world where data is at the center of every modern business, customers need robust platforms where they can process their sensitive data. The new second-generation of OVHcloud Bare Metal Scale servers benefit from AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) found in the fourth generation of AMD EPYC processors to allow for strengthening VM isolation.

Offering high-performance and scalable Bare Metal servers, OVHcloud can take advantage of the high core count of AMD EPYC processors, in single- or dual-socket configurations. This allows the hardware to deliver tremendous compute power so customers can process and analyze large sets of data, in real time. Customers can gain insights from their data, facilitating decision-making. Not only can customers process, treat and harness data in a snap they can also store large amounts of data with up to 46 TB of NVMe storage.

Powerful CPU, DDR5 and Large IO

Leveraging AMD’s most advanced Zen 4 CPU architecture, the second generation of Scale servers boasts fourth-generation EPYC processors, code named Genoa. The range starts with AMD EPYC 16 cores / 32 threads and scales to 96 cores / 192 threads in a single-socket configuration (SCALE-a1 to SCALE-a6).

The second-generation Scale line-up is offered in a dual socket configuration with core counts all the way up to 256 cores and 512 threads, leveraging fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors, code named Genoa and Bergamo, with the latter featuring Zen 4C cores. SCALE-a7 offers a total of 192 cores / 384 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9654 code named Genoa) and the SCALE-a8 variant comes with 256 cores / 512 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9754 code named Bergamo).

Available for the first time at OVHcloud with DDR5 memory configuration ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB (4800 MHz), new Scale references can benefit from generous storage options - from the included 2 x 960 GB NVMe up to 6 x 7,68 TB SSD NVMe.

NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU for Machine Learning

Alongside new second-generation Scale CPU-based references, OVHcloud is also introducing SCALE-GPU dedicated servers leveraging the NVIDIA L4 GPU for data centers.

Based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the NVIDIA L4 is a universal GPU for efficient video, AI and graphics-intensive workloads. The hardware is optimized for use cases like machine learning with image classification, natural language processing, object detection and VDI.

Unmetered Bandwidth with up to 25 Gbps Private Network

OVHcloud’s new second-generation Bare Metal Scale benefits from all the advantages of dedicated servers when it comes to flexibility, control, performance, or availability as well as 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps and unmetered public bandwidth and up to 25 Gbps of unmetered private bandwidth. Through this offering, OVHcloud also provides companies with the best possible support for their workloads, environments, and ad-hoc technologies, with predictable pricing.

Data Protection and Sustainability

Second-generation Scale Bare Metal servers also benefit from OVHcloud’s well-known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted cloud in environmentally friendly data centers. OVHcloud data centers take advantage of the company’s unique industrial model with a water-cooling system that contributes to a sustainable cloud.

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