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OVH enhances Cloud Web

February 2019 by Marc Jacob

After the launch in 2018 of its Cloud Web offer, a plug and play hosting solution that enables the quick and secure launch of highly-scalable web applications, OVH announces the launch of Cloud Web 2 and Cloud Web 3 in Europe. The Cloud Web range combines configuration freedom, derived from an isolated server with SSD speed to develop Web projects.

Cloud Web is the perfect solution for web agencies, freelancers, developers who can quickly and easily develop sites for their customers and benefit from the flexibility of its own web hosting platform, managed by OVH, as a classic shared hosting: mono or multi-site, choice of runtime (PHP/Node.js), databases (MySQL/MongoDB) and environment variables.

Cloud Web is also suitable for companies that want to develop their own professional or e-commerce site on an isolated resource without having system administration skills.

Cloud Web 2 and Cloud Web 3 new features:
• Cloud Web 2 and Cloud Web 3 offer additional resources, more storage, more RAM memory, coupled with the option to run two active Database Management Systems at the same time (MySQL / MongoDB), with as much databases as a client want.
• Cloud Web 3 is also reinforced with more CPU (2 vCores 2.4GHz) a memory of 8 GB RAM and a 65 GB SSD storage capability. It offers the possibility to activate two concurrent runtime environments at the same time and to activate simultaneously coding languages such as PHP and Node.js.

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