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OKEx’s Adopted Utility Token OKB Adds Value for Holders with Four New Partnerships

July 2020 by Marc Jacob

OKB, the utility token adopted by OKEx, a cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, has added four new partnerships to provide increased value for OKB holders. Beyond discounted fees and preferential access to high-quality Jumpstart projects, OKB holders can now glean even more real-world utility using OKB at more than 70 designated merchants and service providers.

The latest partnerships include the well-known trading bot platforms HaasOnline, and Cryptohopper, where OKB holders can earn a one-time passive income with 15% interest as well as discounted service fees on both platforms. As the most advanced crypto trading bots available, OKB holders can also automate their trading strategies based on more than 130 technical indicators and candle patterns.

OKB has also formally joined forces with the first smart contract platform to accept its token as payment, MyWish. MyWish makes smart contracts more accessible to OKB holders who can use OKEx’s adopted token as a payment tool for services on the platform.

Finally, the popular decentralized exchange Saturn Network has listed the OKB token on its DEX, allowing OKB holders to take part in the growing DeFi ecosystem and trade and swap OKB with other cryptocurrencies on Saturn Network with their wallet.

So far, OKB has a total of more than 70 global partners providing high-quality services, including payments, trading platforms, wallets, financial services, and lifestyle.

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