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NurseryCam Security Breach

February 2021 by Simon Mullis, Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium

Recently it was reported that there had been a security breach involving NurseryCam, a UK company which has a webcam system which allows parents to monitor their children after dropping them off at pre-school. The attack was discovered after a loophole was found in the company’s systems which gave attackers access to sensitive information belonging to parents including usernames, passwords and email addresses. Please find below expert commentary for this news item from Simon Mullis, Director of Technical Account Management, Tanium:

“This breach shows the importance of acting speedily when any irregularities are spotted in a company’s systems. Thankfully this swift action has meant that the data was not used to cause any harm prior to the systems being taken down. All businesses that work with children in some way have a duty of care to ensure that their online safety is maintained, and to keep sensitive data private and stored securely.
Simple steps can be put in place by any company that experiences a data breach to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This includes ensuring full visibility of company endpoint devices and securing cloud networks to prevent unwanted access to customer data. Having a company culture which prioritises cybersecurity and encourages business _ stakeholders to work regularly in partnership with IT and security professionals can also act as an effective preventative measure. When offering a service which involves holding sensitive data related to vulnerable people, such as children, having adequate cyber defences in place is of the utmost importance.”

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