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Niagara Networks’ Network Packet Broker Modularity Addressing Network Growth

September 2018 by Marc Jacob

Gartner’s July 2018 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking and Communications, 2018 and Hype Cycle for IT Performance Analysis, 2018 explain, “The need for tools that require packet data shows a steady upward trajectory, as network bandwidth and capabilities continue to grow faster than processing and storage technologies. NPBs (network packet brokers) help solve this problem by massaging data before handing it off to tools, and these mediators are becoming critical to build-out and upgrade projects.”

NPBs as are having long-term technological relevancy and business impact because of the changing needs of the enterprises. “Ensure whichever NPB supplier you opt for not only has the capacity to support current requirements, but those that may evolve in the short term and midterm,” wrote Gartner Research Director Vivek Bhalla, in Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking and Communications, 2018.

“Niagara Networks has observed the increased demand for network bandwidth and capabilities and witnessed an increase in demand for our products,” said Yoram Ehrlich, VP Products at Niagara Networks. “Consequently, our product line is built out to support enterprise growth paths and evolving network needs. We are committed to making the benefits NPB more accessible to all facets of the enterprise market.”

The N2 modular NPB solution allows for easy upgrades of hardware, software, and functionality within the same unit. The number of ports can be increased, as can the volume of traffic the device can handle for both out-of-band monitoring and in-line security deployments.

The PacketronTM x86-based data processing modules are offered with Niagara Networks full line of NPBs,, combining the advantages of a high-performance packet broker with that of high-performance data processing and storage. The Packetron is an open-architecture platform enabling support of home-grown or third-party applications in addition to Niagara Networks’ own data processing applications.

To support future abilities in virtual networks, all Niagara Networks solutions are SDN-aware; the Niagara Visibility Controller and OpenStack support enable the creation of a virtual network visibility layer from multiple NPBs.

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