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New service from bluedog will improve blockchain security

March 2021 by Marc Jacob

With use of blockchain now moving beyond Bitcoin into banking and the wider business arena, a new service will help users ensure the security and integrity of their systems.

The service from cybersecurity specialist bluedog Security Monitoring covers everything from auditing smart contracts to ensuring compliance with data privacy rules and 24/7 monitoring for servers which host blockchain networks. bluedog’s service is suitable for a wide range of users including crypto exchanges, trading platforms and fintech firms as well as SMEs and corporates implementing blockchain for back office or supply chain functions or developing new business models. It will be led by Omar Khan, a blockchain and fintech specialist with over 20 years’ experience in IT.

Blockchain has the potential to transform banking and automate business operations by enabling different parties to transact online without the need for a middleman. However while the technology is inherently secure, there are known vulnerabilities in blockchain systems – not least the integrity of the smart contracts which dictate whether a transaction can take place.

The bluedog team can also advise on compliance with data privacy rules such as GDPR or GRC, for example by making sure that personal data is protected and not linked to access keys. Meanwhile bluedog will offer its existing services including managed detection and response to safeguard blockchain networks.

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