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New reserch from Trustwave - Cyber criminals have ramped up their COVID-19 efforts

March 2020 by Trustwave

Back in February Trustwave reported on two COVID-19-themed phishing emails. But just as the real virus has been spreading rapidly around the world, so too have the scams. Cyber criminals, proving beyond doubt they are completely devoid of morals, have ramped up their activities, using all manner of COVID-19 lures to trick people.

Trustwave are now seeing dozens of different email campaigns per day which have been collected from their systems that illustrate the range of what is currently out there. One example is in Italian and provides information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on what precautions to take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Another, purports to be directly from the WHO, again providing advice on preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Both have Word Documents attached that contain a macro, which when executed leads to malware being dropped onto the system.

These are just two examples of phishing campaigns using COVID-19 as a theme that have been discovered by Trustwave. If you would like to receive a copy of the full blog before it is released tomorrow, or to speak with one of the research team for further insight into the different types of Coronavirus related attacks they are seeing, please do let me know.

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