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New VdS-support for foam and water spray extin-guishing systems

January 2020 by Marc Jacob

In the year 1906, while emper-ors and kings where ruling, the first sprinkler system standard in continental Europe was published – the German “Regulations for the Installation of Automatic Fire Sprinklers”. The VdS predecessor “Association of Private Fire Insurance Companies” had pooled its entire knowledge for the planning and installation of these vital sys-tems in less than ten pages.

A century and a multitude of technical diversifications later, the VdS CEA 4001en, known today as the international “Sprinkler Bible”, now fill around 300 pages – and are still regarded as a particularly compact guide. In addition, modified sprinkler system types are now used for special environments, whose safe handling is simplified by the VdS-Guidelines for foam extinguishing systems (VdS 2108en) and water spray extinguishing systems (VdS 2109en). These have now been extensively revised.

New features include, for example, assistance with light foam sys-tems, as those have been increasingly installed in recent years. To-gether with other industry experts, the VdS engineers have devel-oped numerous solutions for specific applications – including flam-mable liquids, tyres and foam materials. The VdS-Guidelines for foam and water spray extinguishing sys-tems, adapted to the latest findings and hazardous situations, are now available at .

Caption 2108_2109: The new editions of VdS 2108en and 2109en offer all in-stallers, planners and operators of foam and water spray extinguishing sys-tems the usual precise, up-to-date recommendations for ensuring optimum effectiveness.

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