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New Facial Recognition integration for Synergy 3

October 2018 by Patrick LEBRETON

Global surveillance business Synectics has announced that its Synergy 3 command and control software now integrates with NEC’s NeoFace Watch facial recognition system to support person of interest (POI) tracking.

Synergy 3 is an open architecture command and control platform that monitors, manages, and records surveillance video, alarms, and events from multiple subsystems, and non-security transactional data. Synergy 3 is the system of choice for many of the world’s most challenging surveillance projects.

This latest integration means that Synergy 3 users can now upload photographs of persons of interest to NEC’s NeoFace Watch solution which then matches faces in real time from video surveillance. As soon as a known individual is detected, an alert is triggered in Synergy 3 to notify operators that a ‘watch list’ individual is present.

In addition to supporting threat detection in high security or high public footfall environments, such as town centers and transport networks, the integration can also be applied to retail and leisure applications – for instance casinos, where VIPs/returning guests may need to be monitored from a customer service perspective.

Commenting on the integration, Synectics’ Product Manager, Andrew Fowler-Hill said: “We serve customers in diverse sectors but they all have one thing in common – surveillance is critical to their operations. In many cases, facial recognition has become an integral element of their requirement, which is why we are delighted to include NEC’s NeoFace Watch in our extensive list of third-party integrations.”

Once an alert is triggered through the NeoFace Watch integration, Synergy 3’s incident management capabilities ensure notifications of identified individuals can be dealt with quickly and appropriately. For example, workflow functionality can be used to issue on-screen guidance in line with Standard Operating Procedures, which may include prompts to notify police, dispatch in-house security teams, shut down areas of a site, or, in leisure settings, perhaps enable additional hospitality support.

Live capability is a vital aspect of this integration, therefore it was important that alerts to notify operators of potential issues was part of the development process.

If there is an issue with the image upload or with communications between Synergy 3 and the NeoFace Watch server, operators will be notified immediately, all of which ensures users can have full confidence that their solution is always operational and detecting threats or incidents as required.

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