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New C14 Cold Storage by Scaleway

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

Scaleway announced the launch of its C14 Cold Storage solution’s 100%-cloud version, fully integrated into its Object Storage offering thanks to a new technical architecture. This new release makes C14 Cold Storage the only data archiving solution compatible with standard APIs, as well as the only one to benefit from the hosting security level of a datacenter bunker, located 82 feet underground in Paris. With predictable and extremely competitive pricing, the new C14 Cold Storage builds on Scaleway’s years of experience archiving and exploiting petabytes of data.

C14 Cloud Storage is hosted in DC4, Scaleway’s "data bunker" 82 ft below Paris

A complete offering for mass archiving of highly sensitive data

C14 Cold Storage is designed for the most critical use cases. Beyond data lifecycle management, the solution includes enhanced protection with 6+3 error encoding, a 99.99999999999% durability guarantee and 365/24/7 customer support in multiple languages. C14 Cold Storage responds to massive data storage needs (logs or regular backups) as well as filing petabytes of data in sectors such as legal and/or mandatory archiving, research, media and video surveillance.

Predictable costs and a 75 GB free-tier discovery offer

Despite offering best-in-class computing conditions and performances in restore mode, C14 Cold Storage is still the most competitive offer on the market3. Scaleway has gone for a clear and competitive price positioning, with no additional transfer, archiving or removal costs. Furthermore, as with Scaleway Object Storage, 75 GB is available via free tier for testing and evaluating the archiving settings before switching to larger volumes.

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