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Neustar Security Services introduces UltraPlatform

February 2023 by Marc Jacob

Neustar Security Services is launching UltraPlatformTM, a solution that leverages three Neustar Security Services’ offerings critical to protecting organisations’ online assets and infrastructure: an authoritative domain name system (DNS) service, protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and a web application firewall (WAF).

To create this unified solution, UltraPlatform blends components from Neustar Security Services’ industry leading UltraDNSTM, UltraDDoS ProtectTM and UltraWAFTM offerings:
• UltraDNS is the premier managed authoritative DNS service that ensures accurate, safe and reliable connections. UltraDNS returns lightning-fast, reliable query responses through a high-performance, fault-tolerant global network, is fully protected by massively scalable DDoS mitigation capabilities and offers a broad menu of advanced capabilities. Organisations with particularly demanding business continuity requirements can also utilise UltraDNS2, a solution which provides two fully diverse DNS anycast resolution networks with distinct network and routing policies and diverse network operations, for the highest degree of service-level redundancy.
• UltraDDoS Protect is an award-winning, carrier-grade DDoS protection service that harnesses the scrubbing capacity of Neustar Security Services’ massive global mitigation network (15+ terabits per second) to counter DDoS attacks of any size, duration or complexity. The service provides an advanced orchestration platform and powerful automation that includes 24/7 support from DDoS security professionals.
• UltraWAF is a flexible web application firewall that offers intelligent, layered protection for critical web applications. UltraWAF delivers always-on protection against application layer threats, real-time alerting functionality and sophisticated bot detection to protect apps and digital assets.

UltraPlatform unifies these industry-leading, cloud-based online functions that are essential to maintaining and safeguarding a company’s digital presence against countless threats and attacks, delivering them as bundled solutions to meet the needs of organisations of any size. Customers can choose from a range of customisable options that deliver DNS, DDoS protection and WAF services, based on the specific needs of their organisation.

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