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Netwrix Auditor Empowers Dutch Insurance Company Unigarant to Secure Customer Data and Prove Compliance

February 2017 by Marc Jacob

Netwrix Corporation announced that Unigarant, an insurance company from Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, chose Netwrix Auditor to gain visibility across critical IT systems, protect sensitive data against exfiltration and speed up preparation for compliance audits.

Unigarant is a market leader in personal lines for mobility, holiday and leisure insurance, including bicycle and motorcycle insurance. Since Unigarant handles an enormous volume of personal information, the company’s IT department wanted to reduce security risks by reporting on access to critical data and modifications to security configurations. The inability to spot malicious changes (such as privilege escalation) could put the business at risk of losing customers’ loyalty and failing compliance audits. After evaluating several solutions, Unigarant opted for Netwrix Auditor, which enabled the company to achieve the following results: Detect security threats faster. The IT team regularly reviews reports on changes and data access, including non-owner access to mailboxes, deletion or modification of virtual machines, and changes to domain controllers and databases. The Enterprise Overview dashboards help the IT team monitor user behavior patterns and detect suspicious activities, while email alerts enable them to address security issues quickly.

Reduce preparation time for audit checks. Unigarant uses the out-of-the-box compliance reports Netwrix Auditor provides to prove its compliance with the Dutch Data Protection Act, which the company is subject to. And the Interactive Search feature helps the IT team quickly find details about user actions and critical changes, so they can easily respond to specific requests from auditors.

“Before Netwrix Auditor, we weren’t able to ensure that every permission and configuration was right across all the systems we have to report on: Active Directory, Exchange, file servers, SQL Server, VMware and so on. For a security or compliance check, we needed at least 2 days to produce the necessary reports. Today, it takes only 2 minutes to prove that there were no security policy violations,” said Gerrit Meijering, IT Specialist at Unigarant.

“Today, insurance companies face two major challenges: maintaining the security of customer data and proving their compliance with wide range of industry regulations. As sophisticated cyber attacks continue to escalate, deep visibility across the IT environment becomes critical for detecting insider threats and external attacks in their early stages. User behavior analytics will help organizations gain a better understanding of what’s going on with their sensitive data and become more proactive in their cybersecurity efforts,” said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix.

Netwrix Auditor is a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation that enables IT teams to control what is going on in the most critical areas of the IT infrastructure. The platform empowers insurance companies to root out security gaps across the IT environment, protect confidential customer data and slash preparation time for compliance audits.

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