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Netflix Crackdown on VPNs: Status Update from NordVPN

March 2016 by NordVPN

NordVPN remained unaffected by Netflix crackdown on VPNs. NordVPN still works with Netflix, and we have backup servers prepared in case there are issues.

1. It seems that many people are willing to unsubscribe from Netflix rather than quit using VPNs. People are discovering diverse benefits of VPNs, and are often choosing their privacy over streaming. We’ve seen a number of discussions on reddit and other social media channels, saying they would rather quit Netflix than their VPN provider. As NordVPN is security-focused, we are happy that more people are becoming aware of privacy and security issues they face online daily. As says, privacy shouldn’t end where Netflix begins. Here are some quotes:

³Bye bye Netflix, I¹m not paying for 10 year old movies and 2 seasons of a 5 season long show.² (reddit user)

³May I suggest that it may come to giving NetflixŠ the flick.² (Facebook user)

³I¹m in the UAE where content is very limited, the sole reason I subscribed to Netflix was to watch shows not available here. If a workaround is not available soon, I will be cancelling my subscription.² (reddit user)

2. People are going back to P2P file sharing. An old and tried technique of file sharing had started to quiet down thanks to Netflix and other streaming programs that were giving people access to a wide variety of options to watch for a comparatively good price. Or rather, many Netflix and other streaming service subscribers around the world were using VPNs and proxy servers to access shows on Netflix USA that has by far the most options. If that is not an option anymore due to Netflix crackdown on VPNs, users will still watch the shows that they want ¬ and they will do so through file sharing websites, such as torrents. Here are quotes from social media:

³Incoming promotion of piratingŠ Not only that, now that people will be forced to pirate it will also saturate the pirating market. Making it easier for other people to pirate as well is just overall worse than just letting people VPN inŠ Honestly as if a VPN block is actually going to stop people.² (reddit user)

³People are simply reverting back to P2P, reversing all the good Netflix brought.² (reddit user)

Many people, however, still want to have the best of both worlds: VPN protection and access to Netflix. Those are switching VPNs around to find the one that still works with Netflix. As this user on reddit put this:

"I used to use PIA as my VPN. Then Netflix started to crack on them. The 2 I found that work are: AIR VPN and NordVPN. After trying all 3, I must say: NordVPN is better for Netflix (among other stuff, it’s actually pretty damn good).²

NordVPN is inviting all Internet users to sign a petition against current Netflix policies.

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