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Netacea’s bot mitigation now available on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

March 2021 by Marc Jacob

Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation specialist, has made its services available through Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Users of the SaaS eCommerce platform will be able to quickly integrate Netacea’s technology and protect against malicious bots.

Commerce Cloud is Salesforce’s platform for B2B and B2C commerce, empowering brands to create enhanced shopping experiences across all channels. Its integrated marketplace of partners gives easy access to a suite of tools and plug-ins to enhance and improve the experience, depending on the needs of the retailer.

In 2020, Forrester ranked Netacea as a market leader in bot management. This leading technology give retailers comprehensive protection against malicious bots across websites, mobile apps and APIs. Netacea’s easy-to-implement technology quickly and accurately detects and mitigates malicious bots with its server-side approach to bot management. This makes it possible for genuine users to be prioritised, while bots that are attempting to subvert the site and perform credential stuffing, content scraping, carding or inventory hoarding will be stopped. Retailers are increasingly concerned about the effect bots are having on their sites—slowing them down, buying up limited stock before real customers can do so and manipulating analytics. Indeed, research carried out by Netacea last year found that 75% of businesses knew that they had been attacked by bots, and retailers were most concerned about how this was affecting the quality of their analytics. Many are now looking to add a bot mitigation layer to their security. One of them is AllSaints, the global contemporary fashion brand. After acknowledging this challenge, it recognised the need for a smarter bot management solution and implemented Netacea for protection against unwanted web traffic.

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