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NanoLock Security announces a commercial partnership with Italy-based Atlantica Digital and Atlantica CyberNext

December 2020 by Marc Jacob

NanoLock Security, the market of ironclad protection for smart meters, IoT and connected edge devices, announces a commercial partnership with Italy-based Atlantica Digital and Atlantica CyberNext, to offer a new NanoLock-enabled managed security service to protect tens of millions of smart meters and connected devices for leading utilities and industrial companies in Italy and throughout Europe.

Operating primarily in Europe, Atlantica Digital is currently managing over 13 million smart meters, in addition to smart lighting and industrial devices. Atlantica Cybernext, the sister company of Atlantica Digital, has created a next generation Security Operations Center (SOC), which includes the NanoLock-enabled managed security service, to serve its customers with the most technologically advanced solutions for protecting their business and infrastructure. The new service from Atlantica and NanoLock will be commercially available in Q2 2021, with a potential value of 8.000.000 euros of income by 2023.

The integrated solution will provide robust protection-as-a-service against both outsider and insider threats, while NanoLock’s device-level protection and management solution increases cyber resilience, reduces theft and fraud, and lowers operational costs. NanoLock’s embedded gatekeeper allows persistent changes to critical code only if authenticated and signed by an external authorized server. The lightweight solution secures the entire chain of device vulnerability in legacy and new connected devices – from deeply embedded endpoints in the device, to the cloud – with minimal computing, memory, and energy requirements.

With NanoLock, Atlantica Cybernext customers will benefit from 24/7 monitoring and alerts, timely and secured Over-The-Air version upgrades that lower operational costs, as well as access to analytics and forensic data that include detailed information about blocked attacks, manipulation details and more.

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