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NHS new cyber-security - comments from Fujitsu

September 2019 by Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu

The NHS has launched a cyber-security campaign to offer staff advice on how to avoid and mitigate potential risks. ‘Keep I.T Confidential’ aims to educate staff on simple steps to protect individuals and the organisation.

The comments on the story from Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu. Here, Rob talks about how the combination of providing the latest technical and security controls as well as education will help mitigate cyber risks.

“Faced with threats from all over the world, it’s hugely encouraging to see time being taken to develop a new cyber security campaign for the NHS. Unfortunately, the risk of cyber attacks aren’t exactly decreasing, so it’s imperative employees are armed with the right guidance too. For the NHS – an organisation that holds a wealth of personal data and is continually digitising – this couldn’t be more important.

“Weak password hygiene, phishing scams, keeping devices unlocked and social engineering campaigns are all integral to the “cyber awareness” of employees. And what’s more, all of these techniques will be useful for those employees in their own personal digital lives with their own personal information. Unfortunately one of the simplest methods of stealing sensitive information is still through basic email; and because most organisations must rely on this way of communication to function properly, these threats will always exist. Through a combination of the latest technical and security controls as well as a massive education drive, the NHS – and other public and private sector companies – will stand a better chance of preventing a cyber attack.”

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